Control thermal effect

Optimize thermal management of your critical infrastructure.

Industrial oven
Product description

Quickly detect degradation in thermal insulation

Fluves THERMO is an advanced industrial thermal monitoring solution. Using Distribute Temperature Sensing (DTS) technology, it create a thermal maps of your critical equipment such as furnaces, reactors or tanks. Providing you with trend changes, thermal history and hot spot detection. These insights allow you to significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Product features

Trust in THERMO

Here’s why Fluves THERMO is the preferred solution for furnace monitoring

Excels in every environment

Fluves THERMO is robust and works in any challenging industrial environment, unlike standard inspection techniques such as thermal cameras.

Refractor material analysis

Fluves THERMO tells you exactly where infrastructure repairs are needed and where the insulation is still in optimal condition. This precision increases maintenance efficiency.

Lifetime prioritization

Fluves THERMO prioritizes infrastructure repair locations based on the remaining lifetime of thermal refractor material. This approach leads to less downtime and lower maintenance costs.


Fluves THERMO operates without electricity. The system relies solely on light transmitted through the fiber optic cable, making it ATEX-proof to operate in industrial settings.

Energy savings

Fluves THERMO enhances energy efficiency by providing real-time insights into thermal performance, enabling you to optimize energy usage in industrial processes and reduce operational costs.

Stronger safety

Improve safety by continuously monitoring and identifying potential hazards related to temperature fluctuations, creating a safer working environment for your personnel.

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"The expectations we had of the Fluves monitoring system were largely exceeded"
Monitoring capabilities

What can THERMO monitor?

Fluves THERMO can be used to monitor:

  • Hotspots
  • Uneven heat distribution
  • Wear & tear of insulation
  • Process temperature
  • Structure health
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How it works

From fiber optic cable to monitoring

Here’s how Fluves THERMO monitors your critical infrastructure.

Optical fibers
Easy installation

The fiber optic cable is installed on or near the critical equipment. We connect the fiber optic cable to your IT infrastructure, and we supply software that transforms the measurements into actionable insights.

Smart sensing system

By using Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS), Fluves THERMO measures the temperature on every m² of the infractructure’s exterior during operational heat cycles.

Automatic alerts

Fault predictions or detections never go unnoticed, as operators receive instant notifications through mail, SMS, or SCADA.

Fiber Optic Sensing for Industry 4.0 Monitoring

Boost operators to oversee every meter of assets and reduce costs and risks through predictive maintenance.


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Can Fluves THERMO monitor temperature uniformly across different zones in an oven?

Yes, Fluves Thermo is highly effective in monitoring different zones within an oven or other equipment. It offers a spatial resolution that can detect temperature variations along the oven, ensuring uniform temperature control and identifying hot or cold spots. De dashboard links to points of the fiber with the real live locations. Providing you with years of history on every point, so that you can make the correct conclusion.

How accurate is Fluves THERMO in measuring temperatures in ovens?

The system is known for its high accuracy in temperature measurement. The system can achieve accuracy within ±0,1°C, depending on the specific setup and the conditions of the environment. This level of precision is essential for critical processes.

What are the maintenance requirements for a Fluves THERMO setup?

The system is relatively low maintenance. The primary requirement is ensuring the integrity of the fiber optic cable and keeping the processing unit in a controlled environment to avoid damage from external factors. Regular calibrations and inspections are recommended to maintain accuracy and performance over time.

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