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Stay in complete control of your environment and infrastructure with our monitoring expertise.

Our expertise

Leaders in monitoring technology

Fluves is at the forefront of innovation in fiber optic and IoT technology. This is how we’re able to transform the way we monitor water and energy environments. We currently apply these technologies to watersheds, river systems, offshore environments, pipelines and industrial plants.

Tailored monitoring solutions

We offer custom smart sensor networks that meet your unique needs. To support these sensor networks, Fluves has developed in-house data platforms and custom data pipelines to support data acquisition, data quality assessment and  data processing. It allows our clients to effectively monitor their assets through personalized interactive maps and graphs as well as the integrations to facilitate their operational monitoring.

Software that adapts with you

Our modular software stack operates independently of transmission technology or sensor vendors to avoid vendor lock-in. By keeping up with developments in these evolving markets, our integrations stay up-to-date and continue to meet the latest data standards and security requirements.

Insights that drive decisions

From advanced data analysis to numerical modeling and machine learning, we decode your data streams into strategic insights, empowering your every decision.

Our approach

Efficiency in action

Utilizing internally developed tools, machine learning workflows and existing data pipelines, we drastically shorten the time required to go from raw IoT and fiber optic data to insightful parameters. We have the in-house expertise to deploy these algorithms into a robust and secure production environment and translate these parameters into detailed and self-explanatory graphs to assist our clients in making well-informed, data-driven decisions.

Quick setup, lasting impact

We combine our data analytic skills with a “get things done” mentality for a swift and successful monitoring system installation, in close collaboration with our network of trusted contractors.

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