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Distributed Fiber optic sensors

One fiber equals thousands of sensors

Fiber optic sensing technology has revolutionized the monitoring industry thanks to its exceptional accuracy.

Internet of Things

Communicate with endless connections

Internet of Things (IoT) is technology that enables you to connect objects over a wireless network at an extremely low cost.

Distributed fiber optic sensors

One fiber equals thousands of sensors

In fiber optics, one single fiber serves as an entire network of sensors. By sending laser pulses through a standard telecom fiber, it can continuously measure temperature, vibrations and strain with great precision.

Monitor every meter, 
every minute

Fiber optic sensing technology enables detailed monitoring down to every single meter, providing minute-by-minute insights into your operations and infrastructure.

0,5 m monitoring precision

Real-time insights

Broad coverage

Flexible & scalable

Monitoring for better asset management

Here are the many ways in which our fiber optic sensing solutions can bring significant advantages to your operations.

Spatially distributed: One fiber acts as thousands of sensors, allowing an entire site to be monitored.

Cost-effective: 24/7 uninterrupted long-term monitoring. No extra costs.

Proven & reliable: Based on proven Distributed Temperature or Acoustic Sensing technology using standard fiber optic cables.

Autonomous system: No site inspection visits are needed anymore. The system operates independently without additional power or communication setups, sending real-time data to web portals.

Robust: To start monitoring, only one fiber optic cable - designed for harsh environments - is installed on the asset. All sensitive hardware is installed remotely.

ATEX proof: There’s no electricity involved. Only light is sent through the fiber.

Highly accurate: Fiber optic cables are insensitive to electromagnetic interference. The parameters can be monitored with high precision, without any data drift.

Internet of Things

Communicate with endless connections

Imagine a network where devices communicate and share information seamlessly. That's exactly what the Internet of Things has to offer.

Connect objects over a wireless network at an extremely low cost

IoT devices typically contain sensors, mini-processors and modems. The wireless network can be GPRS, LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M. Data is aggregated onto a web portal provided by Fluves.


Interconnected network


Smooth communication & data exchange

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