Inspect the integrity of sewers

Monitor every meter of your sewer system.

Product description

Turn your sewer into a sensor

Using distributed temperature sensing (DTS), Fluves SEWER monitors the hydraulic performance of every meter of your sewer. By detecting anomalies such as unwanted water ingress and blockages, you can take action and keep your sewer system running smoothly.

Product features

Never lose sight of your sewers

Here’s why Fluves SEWER is the preferred solution for sewer monitoring

Detect infiltrations

Fluves SEWER detects unwanted infiltrations, leaks, and illicit connections in your sewage system.

Address flow issues instantly

Fluves SEWER localizes cold and hot water ingress, whether from rain, groundwater, or household connections.

Detailed dashboard

The Fluves SEWER dashboard visualizes flow trends, anomalies and detailed data insights.

Prevent with precision

Fluves SEWER predicts sewer blockages so you can prevent them. Our algorithms also estimate the flow velocity of sewage fluids.

Economical efficiency

By proactively managing sewer health, you save on operational costs and reduce financial losses due to unexpected downtimes.

Keep sewers in top shape

Long-term sewer monitoring with Fluves SEWER translates to extended infrastructure lifespan.

Sofia Dahl

Sewer System Specialist at NSVA

“Inflow and infiltration is an important issue in the management of our sewer systems. The Fluves Sewer product worked as expected to identify infiltration hotspots with high accuracy.”
Monitoring benefits

Sewers for serious impact

Did you know that in many regions, more than 50% of the water entering sewage treatment plants is not actually polluted? This is due to unwanted infiltrations, leaks, and other sewer problems. All of these factors not only affect the efficiency of the plant but also lead to higher energy costs and an increased risk of droughts due to the extraction of groundwater.

By monitoring every meter of your sewer system, Fluves SEWER helps you detect and prevent these problems, including illicit connections. The result? Smoother operations, lower energy and maintenance costs, and a significant reduction in environmental impact.

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How it works

From fiber optic cable to monitoring

Here’s how Fluves SEWER monitors your sewer system.

Easy installation

We install a special fiber optic cable in your sewer system, constantly measuring the temperature across the entire network.

Distributed temperature sensing (DTS) system

By firing laser pulses through the fiber optic cable, we capture reflections that depend on the cable temperature. This allows us to accurately measure the temperature every meter for up to 50 kilometers, guaranteeing high precision (0.1°C) in sewer temperature monitoring.

Continuous monitoring

Our system keeps track of the temperature at regular intervals (minute, hourly, daily, monthly) along the cable. This real-time data is sent to the central DTS unit, creating a comprehensive monitoring system to locate issues like water ingress and blockages.

Inspect the integrity of sewers

Discover the insights of Fluves Sewer in our downloadable brochure. Gain a deeper understanding of smart sewer management and explore innovative solutions for efficient monitoring.


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Can Fluves SEWER be combined with telecom fiber?

Absolutely. Different options are available to install a telecom fiber backbone within sewer pipes. These innovative solutions can be integrated with continuous monitoring of key parameters such as flow rate, water level and overflow events. Fluves can support you in developing a multi-purpose fiber network in your sewer system. For additional information and to explore how we can support your needs, please reach out to us using the contact form below.

Can Fluves SEWER be used in both combined and separated sewer systems?

Yes. The system can detect various issues such as sewage inflows into stormwater drains, urban (rainfall) runoff into sanitary sewers, and groundwater infiltrations into mixed or combined systems.

How long does a Fluves SEWER monitoring campaign take?

There are different ways of monitoring sewers with DTS. One approach involves installing a permanent monitoring system, providing an hourly update on your sewer system for years to come. Alternatively, you might opt for a single inspection campaign aimed at identifying improper connections and infiltration leaks. In this scenario, a DTS system is deployed for a week, conducting minute-by-minute measurements. This brief yet comprehensive monitoring period is sufficient to detect leaks that are often undetectable through traditional camera or smoke test methods.

Aren’t fiber optic cables too fragile to go in a sewer system?

Not at all. DTS monitoring has been used for decades in the oil and gas industry for downhole monitoring. Fiber optic cables are built to withstand extreme circumstances such as aggressive chemicals, high temperatures or abrasive circumstances. The big advantage of fiber optic monitoring is that only a passive fiber optic cable is inserted into the sewer system while the active sensor remains in a safe locations. This avoids many causes of sensor defects that are common in sewage systems, including flooding, aggressive chemicals or fouling.

Thijs Lanckriet

Product Manager

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