White Paper: Fiber Optic Sensing - A Game-Changer For Industry 4.0 Monitoring.

The three-stage rocket that propels the 4th Industrial Revolution consists of rapid advancements in sensor technologies, wireless communication, and big data processing capabilities. Together, these three developments have moved industrial processes and asset management from the age of manual inspections to recording dozens of parameters on a single process in real time. Fiber optic sensing will be another big step forward in industrial sensorization, allowing plant operators and asset managers to monitor every meter of their assets at every minute. This will lead to significant savings in process optimization, predictive maintenance, asset lifespan optimization and will reduce the risk of costly or hazardous incidents.

This white paper provides a quick start guide for operational and maintenance managers who want to explore how fiber optic sensing can be implemented on their assets. We will discuss basic physical principles, practical aspects, and case studies from a variety of industries that show the possibilities of fiber optic sensing.

Get access to the white paper via the following link: https://share.hsforms.com/1Dimq31YqRqCz2MSzIL-5VQ55r1l