Webinar: Installing and blind-testing DALI on a live pipeline with Vitens

In this exclusive webinar, we will unveil the impressive outcomes of the DALI testing and validation campaign conducted with Vitens, the largest drinking water company in the Netherlands. Discover how a live, operational pipeline was equipped with a fiber-optic monitoring system to simulate a range of leak scenarios.The DALI fiber optic cable was deployed in a live pipeline over a distance of 540 meters without interrupting the pipeline service, using our water-approved, pressure-tight fittings and installation hardware. Subsequently, the Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS)-based leak detection system was blind-tested to 7 undisclosed leak scenarios. Leveraging advanced AI-driven post-processing algorithms, DALI flawlessly detected, pinpointed, and evaluated the size and location of the leaks. This achievement showcases the immense potential of DALI in revolutionizing asset management efficiency and curbing water loss.

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