Corrosion monitoring at BASF

CUI-CONTROL, powered by Fluves, is able to find the exact locations of potential corrosion sites. The system is able to measure the degree of corrosion risk with great precision. Their system has the added advantage that it can be applied on the outer layer of the jacketing, without having to dismantle anything” — Robin Guldentops — Asset Manager ESP/IL at BASF

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BASF corrosion detection fiber optic monitoring

Aperam furnace monitoring

Aperam, a global player in stainless steel manufacturing, operates large industrial furnaces that cannot be monitored using standard inspection techniques such as thermal cameras. Using Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) in 2019, Fluves quickly identified the areas where the furnace’s thermal insulation needed replacement.

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Industrial furnace monitoring

Pipeline leak detection

With our DALI ® technology, we can precisely locate the leak along a pipeline, in the earliest stage.

A 6 km long pipeline is continuously monitored since the start of 2020 for Farys in the Brussels region.

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Lektest Farys Fluves Fiber optics pijpleidingen

Pipeline integrity monitoring

Fluves set up movement and tension monitoring for an HDPE pipeline during a sand suppletion operation conducted by Jan De Nul near the coast of the Dutch island of Texel.

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Pipeline integrity Fluves DSS monitoring Fiber Optics

Sedimentation monitoring of San Francisco Bay

In 2017, Fluves installed two kilometers of fiber optic cable in the San Francisco Bay to monitor the movements of contaminated sediment in the area.

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Fiber installation in San Francisco Bay

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