CUI-CONTROL corrosion under insulation monitoring

Corrosion Monitoring

Monitor Corrosion Under Insulation on insulated pipelines, tanks or reactors. CUI-CONTROL is the best monitoring system that gives you data 24/7. With this innovative fiber optic sensing technology you can prevent corrosion from happening, because it can differentiate between spots at high risk for corrosion or spots in the early stages of corrosion.

DALI monitoring pipeline leaks

Underground pipelines: leaks & intrusion

Monitor leaks in underground pipelines or intrusion above pipelines with our our revolutionary pipeline monitoring DALI. This fiber optic sensing technology helps reduce losses from non-revenue-water (NRW), leaks and incidents.

DALI stands for Distributed Acoustics for Leak and Intrusion monitoring.

Industrial furnace monitoring

Industrial furnaces, tanks & reactors

With fiber optic sensing technology, a single telecom fiber equals thousands of sensors. This enables to locate faults as soon as they appear.

This technology is used to monitor hotspots and process temperatures in industrial furnaces, tanks & reactors.

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Fluves takes river management to the next level. We use IoT and fiber optic sensors to monitor every meter of river infrastructure.

Sensor data is sent wirelessly to web portals for remote monitoring of water flow, drought, water quality, erosion or sedimentation in rivers and in rural and urban areas.

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NSVA fiber optic monitoring by a belgian company Fluves

Fiber Remote Inspection for Integrity of Sewers "FRIIS"

Based on distributed temperature sensing (DTS), we can monitor the hydraulic performance of every meter of a sewer, including undesired water ingress and blockages.

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