Pipeline leak detection


Leaks and intrusions produce sound that is recorded by the fiber. The DALIĀ® web interface shows the condition of every meter of pipeline in real time, allowing you to precisely locate leaks and intrusions in your pipeline before they get any worse.

This means you're not only preventing damage from the leakage, but you can also save massively on maintenance and inspection: Instead of having to dig up and replace large stretches of underground pipelines, you only need to focus on the affected section. The estimated ROI of our technology is generally less than 2 years.

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Farys Pipeline

Farys contracted Fluves to continuously monitor a 6 km pipeline with a high leak risk in the Brussels region. We are now monitoring every meter of the pipeline since the spring of 2020. Several leaks and intrusions were successfully detected.

Fiber installed in pipeline

Fiber Optic Cable

First the fiber optic cable was inserted in the pipeline and coupled to the Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS).

The DAS records acoustic vibrations, turning the cable into an array of thousands of microphones. Our software locates these sounds within 10 meters of their origin. Machine-learning algorithms identify leaks and other anomalies.

Whenever an incident is detected, Farys is alerted automatically via e-mail and the location is revealed on a map on the dashboard. Long-term monitoring results are summarized in a bespoke format that supports Farys' maintenance strategy.

Fiber in pipeline

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