Pipeline leak detection


Every leak creates a sound, which is measured by the fiber. Our web portal shows the condition of every meter of your pipeline in real time, controlled by an easy-to-use graphical interface. DALI ® enables to precisely locate the leak along your pipeline, in the earliest stage. We can measure up leaks with discharges smaller than 500 liters per hour.

You are not only preventing damage due to the leakage, but also save massively on maintenance cost. Instead of having to replace large sections of underground pipelines, only the affected pipeline meter needs repairing. The ROI on DALI is generally less than 2 years.

Fiber for acoustic monitoring.jpg

Farys Pipeline

In the Brussels region, Farys wants to monitor continuously a 6 km pipeline with a high leak risk.
Fluves monitors every meter of the pipeline since spring of 2020. Several leaks and intrusions were detected.

Fiber installed in pipeline

Fiber Optic Cable

First the fiber optic cable is inserted in the pipeline and coupled to the Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS).

The DAS records acoustic vibrations, turning the cable into thousands of microphones. Our software locates these sounds within 10 m of their origin. Machine-learning algorithms identify leaks and other anomalies.

Alerts are automatically sent via e-mail, SMS or SCADA and visualised on a dashboard. Long-term monitoring results are summarized to support your maintenance strategy. The system can also be installed temporarily for periodic or one-off incident detection.

Farys is warned automatically if a leak has started.

Fiber in pipeline