Aperam furnace monitoring

Temperature Measurements

Our DTS technology measured temperature on every square meter of the furnace's outer casing during its operational heat cycles. Abnormal temperature increases during these cycles were linked to thermal insulation failure at those locations.


Cutting Maintenance Cost

The raw DTS measurements were visualized in a heat map of the furnace. A user-friendly web interface helped Aperam's operations team to identify the parts of the furnace that needed repair, saving the cost of replacing the entire thermal insulation. Exceeding Aperam's expectations, Fluves was also able to prioritize each location according to their expected remaining lifetime.

In 2022 we installed a permanent DTS system for constant monitoring of the hotspots and furnace operations.

R├ęsultats de la surveillance des fours

The Fluves monitoring system could confirm that most parts of our furnace were in perfect condition, resulting in a significant reduction in our maintenance costs.


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