Webinar: Product Launch Of Fiber Optic Inspection Tool For Sewers "Friis"

In this webinar, we’ll introduce our brand new product:  FRIIS - Fiber Remote Inspection for Integrity of Sewers, and explain why FRIIS is the best solution to monitor the hydraulic performance of every meter of a sewer, including undesired water ingress and blockages.

During this free, live webinar, Fluves and Nordvästra Skånes Vatten och Avlopp (NSVA) will elaborate on two use cases in Sweden where we installed our FRIIS system to monitor water ingress in the sewage system. A total of 10 suspicious locations (or ‘anomalies’) were reported.

You can expect an interactive webinar describing the opportunities of the FRIIS system, as demonstrated through these specific use cases in Sweden. After the webinar, you’ll have a good understanding of the FRIIS system and how it can measure the temperature of a fiber optic cable in your sewer system continuously for up to 50 kilometers with a high level of accuracy (0.1°C). FRIIS thus helps to localize cold or hot water ingress, sewage blockage and flow velocity of the sewer fluids.


  • Welcome and introduction
  • Why Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS)? The highly accurate measurements of FRIIS
  • FRIIS in action 
  • What can FRIIS monitor? 
  • Use case from NSVA in Sweden
  • Q&A 


Daan Renders

Project Manager from Fluves

Bram De Jaegher

Project Manager from Fluves

Andreas Bengtsson

VA-ingenjör from NSVA

Sofia Dahl

Specialist from NSVA


FRIIS is a product developed by Fluves. It’s a comprehensive monitoring system for sewers that uses a fiber optic cable inside the sewer pipe. Based on distributed temperature sensing (DTS), FRIIS can monitor the hydraulic performance of every meter of a sewer, including undesired water ingress and blockages. This way, utilities can efficiently manage their sewer system, increase the efficiency of sewage treatment plants and decrease operating and energy costs. By monitoring the sewage system and visualizing the anomalies on a clear dashboard, the problem areas are easily identified and can be repaired more efficiently.

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Webinar: Product launch of fiber optic inspection tool for sewers "FRIIS"