Iot Sensors Lead To Better Flood Preparedness

In the wake of the catastrophic flood events in Belgium and Germany in July 2021, Trends Magazine spoke with three Flemish companies on how to deal with such disasters in times of a changing climate. Besides prevention, preparedness is critical in dealing with flooding, and the Internet of Things (IoT) application of Fluves to monitor water levels will play a major role in this.

Project manager Sacha Gobeyn and modelling expert Niels De Vleeschouwer envision a future in which every kilometer of river and stream is equipped with an IoT water level sensor. Using these sensors, local issues such as blockages can be detected within minutes, allowing authorities to take rapid action. Such low-cost IoT level sensors are already being installed by Fluves today as part of several pilot and commercial projects.

Read the article in Trends magazine here (in Dutch).

To learn more about Fluves’ IoT solutions for flood management, check our river applications page.

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