Using Pwyaterinfo Package is a great data resource on which the Flanders Environment Agency (VMM) and Flanders Hydraulics Research provide access to real-time water and weather related environmental variables for Flanders (Belgium), such as rainfall, air pressure, discharge, and water level. At Fluves, we regularly use and integrate the data into data analysis. To facilitate this process, we developed the pywaterinfo package and made it available as an open source Python package.

Downloading the data with pywaterinfo is a matter of knowing the identifier of the variable of interest, for example conductivity. VMM shares these so-called group identifiers (see the vmm documentation), but for convenience we made these part of the pywaterinfo package online documentation as well, see pywaterinfo timeseriesgroupids. Using this identifiers, one can retrieve info of the available stations measuring the variable of interest to download the data.

python code snippet ec waterinfo

The data is returned as a Pandas DataFrame from which one use all the functionalities provided by Pandas, for example making visualizations. See the documentation at pywaterinfo documentation for installation instructions and many more information and examples.

All credits to Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij milieu for making the data available. The package is just a small wrapper around to facilitate ourselve, researchers and other stakeholders to download the data.