WHITE PAPER: Fiber optic sensing - A game-changer for industry 4.0 monitoring.

This white paper provides a quick start guide for operational and maintenance managers who want to explore how fiber optic sensing can be implemented on their assets. We will discuss basic physical principles, practical aspects, and case studies from a variety of industries that show the possibilities of fiber optic sensing.

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WHITE PAPER: Tackling corrosion under insulation with fiber optic sensing.

Get our free white paper about CUI-CONTROL. Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a major threat to various industries, particularly those that deal with metal infrastructure and equipment exposed to harsh environments such as oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, power generation, and many others. Studies have shown that CUI can account for up to 50% of all corrosion-related maintenance costs in these industries.

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Webinar: Pilot glasvezelsensoren in een leidingnet proefinstallatie

Via deze webinar delen we resultaten van twee pilots met glasvezelsensoren op TUBES leidingnet proefinstallaties van KWR.

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FLUVES-DALI+KWR Webinar-Website

Fluves attended the workshop on the update of DNV-RP-G109

Fluves attended the workshop on the update of DNV-RP-G109. And we are pleased with the motivation of the asset owners on this topic.

DNV published a recommended practice to manage the CUI threat in December 2019. This practice DNV-RP-G109 Risk-based management of corrosion under insulation was developed as part of a collaborative project with partners from across the oil and gas industry. It provides a novel methodology to guide asset managers on the most effective and efficient way to assess, mitigate and systematically manage the risk of CUI.

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Webinar: Product launch of fiber optic inspection tool for sewers "FRIIS"

Join our webinar on Monday, May 15th and discover why FRIIS is the best solution to monitor the hydraulic performance of every meter of a sewer.

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Webinar: Product launch of fiber optic inspection tool for sewers "FRIIS"

Webinar: Leak detection in Swedish drinking water pipes using fiber optics

Join our webinar on Thursday, Februari 9 and discover why fiber optic sensing – using the DALI principle – is the best solution to monitor leaks in water pipes.

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Webinar: Leak detection in Swedish drinking water pipes using fiber optics

Interview: How does BASF Antwerp approach Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

An interview with Robin Guldentops, Asset Manager ESP/IL at BASF Antwerp on the best approach to combat corrosion under insulation at a large chemical plant.

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BASF corrosion detection fiber optic monitoring

Article in Pipeline Technology Journal issue 4

Tackling Corrosion and Leakage by retrofitting pipelines with Fiber Optic Sensors: Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) of insulated pipelines and leakage or intrusion detection on underground utility pipelines are two applications where Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing (DFOS) provides a promising alternative to existing monitoring techniques. In this paper, we present case studies for both domains.

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Fluves article in pipeline technology journal CUI-CONTROL

4 upcoming speaking gigs in October and November 2022

It seems to be the season of speaking gigs. In the upcoming month, we have 4 events where we will share all our best knowledge with you.

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Workshop / Webinar on Distributed Acoustic Sensing

On the 8th of November from 13.30 till 15.00 (CET) you can follow a workshop-webinar on Distributed Acoustic Sensing.

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Webinar CUI-CONTROL: Prevent Corrosion Under Insulation with Fiber Optic Monitoring

The 15th of September (a Thursday) we are hosting a webinar at 1.30 PM (CET) about Corrosion Under Insulation. We invite BASF Antwerp as a guest speaker on this topic.

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Find Fluves and CUI-CONTROL at the ACHEMA exhibition in Germany

Achema will get the premiere of ourCUI-CONTROL launch in public. You can find us in Hall 6 at the start-up area at booth B72.

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achema 2022

Two webinars about Fiber Optic Monitoring coming up: May 12th and May 13th.

We have two webinars coming up in May 2022.

On Thursday the 12th of May: How cutting edge Fiber Optic technology can detect leaks in your pipelines.

On Friday the 13th of May: 7 reasons why you need fiber optic sensing to monitor critical equipment

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Fluves Fiber Optics monitoring technology chemical industry

Investment Virya Energy

Virya Energy, the energy holding group of Colruyt group and Korys, has invested in Fluves end of 2021, resulting in a significant minority share in Fluves and its daughter company Marlinks.

Fluves provides predictive maintenance systems for critical infrastructure such as pipelines, industrial assets and offshore power cables (Marlinks). The innovative technology consists of a combination between fiber optic sensing technology and AI models allowing for a cost-efficient predictive maintenance approach.

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Learn how to subtract conductivity data from waterinfo.be with pywaterinfo

VMM recently started to share real-time conductivity data via waterinfo.be. As a large set of these conductivity sensors are provided by Fluves, we are really glad the data is made available for reuse. Check out how you can download and use with the data yourself using Python.

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Conductivity data VMM

Fluves on AQUATECH exhibition next week!

From 2 till 5th of November, Fluves will showcase DALI Pipeline Monitoring and other fiberoptic technologies for water management in the Aquatech2021 conference. Come visit us at booth 01.150A, and test our technology yourself!

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IoT sensors lead to better flood preparedness

In the wake of the catastrophic flood events in Belgium and Germany in July 2021, Trends Magazine spoke with three Flemish companies on how to deal with such disasters in times of a changing climate. Besides prevention, preparedness is critical in dealing with flooding, and the Internet of Things (IoT) application of Fluves to monitor water levels will play a major role in this.

Project manager Sacha Gobeyn and modelling expert Niels De Vleeschouwer envision a future in which every kilometer of river and stream is equipped with an IoT water level sensor. Using these sensors, local issues such as blockages can be detected within minutes, allowing authorities to take rapid action. Such low-cost IoT level sensors are already being installed by Fluves today as part of several pilot and commercial projects.

Read the article in Trends magazine here (in Dutch).

To learn more about Fluves’ IoT solutions for flood management, check our river applications page.

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Overstroming 2021

Fluves technology at sea

De Tijd interviewed Fluves CEO Thomas Van Hoestenberghe about the potential of and innovations in our precious North Sea: offshore wind, aquaculture, autonomous shipping, sustainable shipping and top companies conquering the offshore world. It all happens on the barely 67 km long Belgian coastline! Read the full article in Dutch here: Article De Tijd.

Brothers at sea

Biking for charity

The Fluves team biked 2500 km last week through the Felix500 challenge to support the KITES child cancer team from UZ Leuven. Thanks for all those who contributed! We're happy we finished in the top 10!

Biking for charity

Fluves digitizes Flemish rivers

Since the start, Fluves is fully dedicated to building a clean water system. Every minute thousands of our sensors track the water status in rivers, pipelines and other flow infrastructure. Only last months, scores of our water quality sensors were installed by the Flemish Environmental Agency to track water salinization.

IoT water quality

Every day, 167 million liters of drinking water disappear through leaking water pipes

In 2019, 61 million cubic meters of drinking water were lost in Flanders due to leaking water pipes. Locating these leaks is a crucial step to mitigate the loss. With DALI®, we provide utility managers with the technology to continuously monitor pipelines and detect leaks.

leaking pipeline

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