Iot For Flow

Trusted by scores of water managers and industrial clients, our IoT sensor platforms monitor water level, discharge and water quality and transmit the data wirelessly to databases and web portals via GPRS, LoRa, NB-IoT or LTEM. Ultra-low power components and integrated solar panels mean that our systems can measure autonomously without extra power supply. We offer highly customizable solutions with a broad choice of sensors and dashboards.

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IoT water quality
IoT water level

IoT for water level

Water level is measured with ultrasonic pulses. The sensor, datalogger and modem are all integrated in one compact box that can be installed in open water or closed environments such as tanks, cisterns and sewers.

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IoT water quality

IoT for water quality

Powered by Sodaq, our water quality sensors are fully autonomous, solar-powered units that measure electrical conductivity and temperature. The electrical conductivity measurements reveal the purity and the salinity of the water.

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Cap monitoring fiber installation

Cap monitoring using fiber optics

Using Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS), Fluves calculates the thickness of the sediment layer along the fiber optic cable, which reveals the cap thickness and seepage through the cap above polluted sediment with a high level of detail. Applications are evaluations of EMNR/MNR sites, sediment traps or mine-tailing ponds.

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The Fluves sensors & web portals enable a better river
management and to be more proactive when pollution occurs.



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