Iot For Flow

Our IoT sensor platforms monitor water level, discharge & water quality.
By combining ultralow power consumption with solar panel integration, our systems measure autonomously without extra power supply.
We also offer customized IoT solutions, both for sensors & dashboards.

Data is sent wirelessly through GPRS, LoRa, NB-IoT or LTEM to databases and web portals.
Our devices are trusted by several water managers & Industrial clients.

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IoT water quality
IoT water level

IoT for water level

Water level is measured through ultrasonic signals.
Sensor, datalogger and modem are integrated in one compact box.

The box can be installed in open water or closed environment
(tanks, citerns, sewers).

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IoT water quality

IoT for water quality

Our water quality sensor powered by Sodaq is a fully autonomous, solar-powered unit that measures electrical conductivity and temperature.

The electrical conductivity measurements reveal the purity and the salinity of the water.

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Cap monitoring fiber installation

Cap monitoring using fiber optics

With Distributed temperature sensing (DTS), Fluves uses the measured temperatures to calculate the thickness of the sediment layer along the fiber optic cable.

This method is used to monitor in a very detailed way the cap thickness and seepage through a cap above polluted sediment.

Applications are evaluations of EMNR/MNR sites, sediment traps or mine-tailing ponds.

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