Monitoring Industrial assets

Choose Fiber Optic Monitoring To Get Complete Coverage Of Your Assets

When you monitor your industrial assets correctly, you can

  • Reduce downtime;
  • Extend asset lifetime;
  • Boost energy efficiency;
  • and increase safety.

And when we say monitor 'correctly', we mean monitor with a Fiber Optic Sensing system. The process industry used to extensively rely on point sensors to monitor critical assets and processes. However, point sensors cannot provide complete coverage over large assets, leading to delays in detecting a leak, needless replacement of infrastructure and a large amount of manual surveys.

With fiber optic sensing, you can cover up to 70 km with one sensing system, so it's possible to monitor your entire plant with one sensing system. It is also possible to connect as many fiber optic circuits as you want to one sensing system. This way you can monitor your pipelines, AND your tanks, AND your reactors, AND your furnaces, all at once.

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Benefits Of Fiber Optic Monitoring

Fiber Optic Sensing is especially interesting for difficult-to-reach infrastructure such as underground pipelines, reactors, furnaces or tanks. Moreover, traditional point sensors are often cumbersome to install, are prone to wear and lack robustness. Fiber optic cable is very robust, can stand the test of time and is easy to install.

It's an AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM: No site inspection visits are needed anymore. The system is independent of additional field power supply or additional communication installations. Data is sent in real-time to web portals.

It's a COST-EFFECTIVE solution for continuous long-term monitoring: Every minute a measurement over several years.

It's HIGHLY ACCURATE: Fiber optic cables are insensitive to EMC. The parameters can be monitored with high precision, without any drift.

It's ATEX PROOF: No electricity involved. Only light is sent through the fiber.

> Read an article with BASF Antwerp here. <

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Industrial Furnaces

Large industrial ovens and furnaces are an example of difficult-to-reach infrastructure. Standard inspection techniques such as thermal cameras are difficult to apply.

Using Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS), Fluves can quickly detect degradation in the thermal insulation and identify which parts of the oven need to be repaired and which parts are still in perfect condition.

Our technology also prioritizes the locations according to the remaining lifetime of the thermal insulation.

This knowledge results in a significant reduction of maintenance costs.

“The expectations we had of the Fluves monitoring system were largely exceeded.” — ERIK INDESTEEGE supervisor repairables and instrumentation at APERAM

For more information: Download our leaflet on Fiber Optic Monitoring for Furnaces

Industrial furnace monitoring

Pipeline Leaks & Intrusion

Leaks or intrusions in underground pipelines were extremely hard to detect in the past. That is why Fluves has developed a method that combines expertise in flow physics and the newest Distributed Sensing technologies to detect and locate even the most elusive leaks with ease.

Fluves' algorithms recognize and classify the distinct sound signatures of leaks and intrusions that are recorded by the fiber. An easy-to-use web interface shows the condition of every meter of pipeline in real time, allowing you to precisely locate leaks and intrusions in your pipeline before they get any worse.

This means you're not only preventing damage from the leakage, but you can also save massively on maintenance and inspection: Instead of having to dig up and replace large stretches of underground pipelines, you only need to focus on the affected section. The estimated ROI of our technology is generally less than 2 years.

Download our brochure on critical equipment: Fluves - Brochure - Critical Equipment

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Corrosion Under Insulation On Pipelines And Tanks

Monitoring CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) with fiber optic sensing has been a groundbreaking innovation for maintenance and asset managers in the chemical industry.
Our newest technology CUI-CONTROL can:

  • Detect corrosion at the earliest stages, even before it happens.
  • Accurately pinpoint where exactly (one meter accuracy) the corrosion
    is happening.
  • The metrics can differentiate between spots with a high risk for corrosion and spots in the early stages of risk.
  • CUI-CONTROL runs autonomously. Your manual inspection teams can focus on something else.
  • You can follow the metrics via a digital dashboard on your computer and you will be notified when needed.

More info can be found on the CUI-CONTROL website.

> Read an article with BASF Antwerp about their approach to combat CUI here. <

CUI-CONTROL corrosion under insulation monitoring

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